Baby Safety Products Every Family Must Have
Babies are curious! Turn your back for even a second, and things can get very messy. Babies and toddlers are very curious as it’s in their nature and part of their developmental process. Who is really to blame if they manage to open a cabinet full of stuff or even dangerous objects? Parents are responsible for securing the house and baby proofing it, because baby safety is important and crucial, has highlighted a list of baby safety products that we know will make your house a safer place for the little ones. 


1- Electrical Outlet Cover

For total outlet protection, this childproofing aid covers an entire outlet with plugs and includes a built in cord shortener.



2- Outlet Covers Baby proofing

Outlet Plugs help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets. Our extra tight child protecting fit makes sure the caps stay where you put them.


3- Power Strip Cover

The restyled Power Strip Cover conveniently covers the entire power strip, including the on/off switch, preventing children from pulling out the plugs. The collapsible design provides a secure fit for large or small power strips and surge protectors.


4- Stove Knob Covers

Clear View Stove Knob Covers help prevent children from tampering with the stove controls. They also give quick access to adults. The covers are large in size and fit the bigger knobs on newer stoves. They have a modern updated universal design. This design blends in with any home decor very easily. These covers are strong and heat-resistant. They are removable and reusable. Why You'll Love It: It prevents children from tampering with stove controls. 


5- Sliding Cabinet Locks

Protect your kid with this 8-pack of childproof locks from Regional Furniture, one of the leading manufacturers of childproofing equipment in the US. They’re effective, easy to use, and easy to install. Screw-less and tool-less installation a simple adhesive backing provides a strong hold


 Another option:

6- Edge and corner guards

 User-friendly and quick installation guide means your children are protected instantly. All the pieces you need, including extra hold adhesives, pre-applied directly at factory, you only need to remove covering and stick on. It’s that simple! (Do not use on high gloss tables)



Child safety locks. Aesthetically appealing, invisible magnetic locks. Strong magnetic design. No tools needed for installation. Quickly installed using 3m adhesive tape. Keep children safe without giving up home appeal. These adhesive mounted locks are designed to keep toddlers and young children out of cabinets, while still allowing you easy access to the items in your cabinets. The locks and latches are mounted inside of the cabinet, which is more aesthetically appealing than external hardware. The tight design means little fingers cannot squeeze in between and get hurt. Locks can be disengaged, using the convenient flip switch, during periods of necessary longer access.


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