Benefits of having your own eCommerce website

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Why is it better to establish your own eCommerce site instead of selling on well-known marketplaces?

Shopping online is the best way to go for many American consumers. While physical retail locations are suffering a bit these days, business is booming for online retailers. According to a 2016 Pew Research Center study, 79 percent of Americans shop online compared to a mere 20 percent in the year 2000. With just about every household in the United States buying goods and services online, now is the perfect time to get your business going.

Aside from having products to sell. It is important to nail down your method of making a sale. Online auction sites like eBay can be very useful and websites like Amazon are taking the world by storm when it comes to sales. These websites, as well as many other well-known marketplaces, can be a fantastic way to sell a product; however, solely relying on websites like Amazon or eBay can hinder your earnings overall.

Popular eCommerce websites often require listing fees, and sometimes, take a cut of your earnings after you have made a sale. Instead of paying these fees, you may want to consider using that extra money to begin marketing your own eCommerce website.


Benefits of having your own eCommerce website

With so many free and low-cost options for building a website, you are sure to save more of the money you earn when you use your own site. Depending on how you decide to build your site, fees are most often minuscule and only charged annually. This is still a great alternative to having funds removed from your sales on competing, popular websites.

One of the downsides to using eBay, Amazon and similar sites is that any time you advertise your own product, you are advertising the website’s brand instead of your own. With your own eCommerce site, you have the luxury of spreading brand awareness for your own business, and not the platform you are using to sell. Luckily, there are many ways to market your brand at a low-cost, so this will only continue to boost your sales. Social media and digital marketing are easy, inexpensive ways to get your name out there. 

Another benefit to using your own eCommerce website is that you can set your own terms. Instead of having to agree to the terms of an existing site, you can make up terms that work best for you. There are fewer limitations to what you can do.

While having your own site is very useful, it does not necessarily mean that you should give up selling on competing websites as well. Some use their own site, in addition to these popular platforms. It all just depends on your preferences and strategy for making a profit.